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Find out why racing coaches and drivers say that VGT is the most authentic racing simulator available today… at any price!

To find the location of a VirtualGT test drive near you:

  • Call:  (888) 366-9205  (Opt 2)

  • Email:  test-drive@virtual-gt.com

Choosing a racing simulator today can be a daunting task. There are so many different styles, options and features, how do you determine what’s important to you?

No matter what your budget or application is, you will benefit from talking to us. We’ve seen it all and done it all in our 14 years of selling, installing and supporting over 500 high-end racing simulators around the world.

Find out why…

  • you should buy your simulator from a company that will be around to service and support it for years to come.
  • audio and vibration are so critical to the creation of a proper driving illusion.
  • motion done wrong is worse than no motion at all… and why “more is often less” when it comes to a motion system.
  • selection and placement of your video display can “make or break” a simulator.
  • your simulator’s video display system needs to be fully enclosed.
  • your simulator’s PC should have the maximum performance you can afford to buy.
  • Baltic Birch plywood (aka “aircraft plywood”) is superior to steel or aluminum tubing for building a personal racing simulator.
  • VirtualGT guarantees all future upgrades and new options will fit onto the VGT simulator you buy today.
  • we provide a full 2-year warranty every part used in a VirtualGT, regardless of the manufacturer.

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