F1 Test Driver Alexander Rossi Drives VGT Carbon Pro at Laguna Seca.

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Alexander Rossi F1 cocpit photo

F1 Test Driver Alexander Rossi and Star Mazda driver Kyle Kaiser use simulation for testing and practice.

Monterey, CA. Caterham Formula F1 Test Driver Alexander Rossi was in the states to support his long time friend and fellow open wheel driver Kyle Kaiser in his first Star Mazda Pro Race at Laguna Seca. When not with Kaiser and the team in the paddock, Rossi spent time at the Intervision suite where the VirtualGT Pro Carbon Simulator was available for guests and other race car drivers to test. A crowd gathered whenever Rossi drove.

Rossi had this to say about the VGT…
“In terms of consumer sims and simulators for drivers coming up the ladder, I haven’t driven anything better than this. The motion is quite good. It ticks all the boxes.”

Being a factory F1 test driver, Rossi has driven a variety of professional F1 simulators, some purportedly costing in the tens of millions to develop. As most F1 fans know, in the last several years, F1 teams have heavily integrated simulation into their testing and development process.

Kent Stacy, notable race engineer for  World Speed and Turner Motorsports spent some time working on a setup during one  Rossi’s sessions on the simulator and had this to say. “I think the VirtualGT is awesome. We just did a run with Alexander and did a series of changes on it. It acted like a real race car. The adjustments made sense. We made time on the clock and he felt the changes as a driver. Everything about it was positive. It’s a good tool to use, as an engineer and as a driver.”

With approval like this from top professionals, and continuously evolving simulator hardware and software, more and more up and coming drivers in a variety of series are starting to integrate simulation into their motorsport efforts.

Ian Alexander, Simulation Specialist at VirtualGT, had this to say about the adoption of simulation. “Whether it’s professional drivers testing at our factory for upcoming races or purchasing a simulator as a testing tool, developing drivers are starting to integrate simulators into their training. More and more VirtualGT clients are serious drivers investing in simulation for a competitive edge.

Press article with Kyle and Alexander
Photos from event

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