The VirtualGT Manifesto…

Our manifesto starts… by us placing an authentic racing experience that’s convenient and affordable, into the hands of anyone interested in competitive performance driving.

It will demand… that we help good drivers become better competitors by improving their skills in an authentic illusion of a racing experience. One that will advance the user’s ability to make hundreds of split second racing decisions and stay focused through fatigue. The result for our users will be improved concentration, reactions, eye/hand coordination and enhanced memory.

It will thrive… on enthusiasm for speed and competition. It will feed his imagination with choices that allow him to tailor an experience that few will ever have, the opportunity to race hundreds of realistic performance cars on hundreds of real tracks at at will.

It will require… an investment of time and money, resilience and grit, determination and imagination. And like most things worth doing, it will take hard work to perfect.

It will never… leave our first clients at a disadvantage. We will always maintain an upgrade path for our core product allowing any enhancement, hardware or software, to be implemented in the future.

It will always… be a sophisticated tool allowing professionals to integrate simulation training into their race preparation, while others enjoy all the exhilaration and satisfaction of one of the World’s most popular and exclusive sports, without the expense and risk of real racing.

Paul Stary’s evolved the VirtualGT into the
World’s most popular pro racing simulator.

When Paul Stary decided to start a business manufacturing PlayStation racing cockpits, he never imagined that ten years later, the product would evolve into the World’s most popular pro racing simulator designed for personal use, the VirtualGT. In those past ten years, well over 500 VGT Pro simulators have been delivered worldwide making the VGT the most popular Pro racing simulator in the world.

As an audiophile, home theater designer and audio/video systems engineer, Paul knew that a perfected sound system was the key to creating a convincing illusion of driving a race car. He spent over a year designing and building an audio system dedicated to one thing… accurately reproducing the sound and vibration of high performance automobile racing.

Drawing on years of experience engineering loudspeakers, transducers, amplifiers and crossover network electronics for the most demanding audiophiles, he understood the intricacies of sound in a way few could. This effort resulted in an array of individual loudspeakers and vibration transducers, each positioned in just the right locations in carefully engineered enclosures. To connect them, Paul created a custom designed audio processor, a 9-channel 500 watt amplifier and optimized crossover network to drive the thirteen audio and vibration transducers.

…well over 500 VGT’s are deployed worldwide making it the most popular Pro quality personal racing simulator in the world.

Stary also knew that balancing each of the effects was equally important, so nothing stands out, carefully distributing the effects so nothing can be localized. The custom audio system creates a one meter wide ”bubble” of perfectly balanced, spatially correct audio around the drivers head.

All contact with the simulator transfers head-to-toe sensations of real racing. The best example of this attention to detail can be found in VGT’s vibration system. Driven by specially processed audio signals, four separate transducers; one on the pedals, one on the steering wheel and two on the seat, stimulate the driver’s feet, hands and torso with the energy of a running race car chassis.

Ten years later, this audio and vibration system remains the benchmark for authentic racing simulation. Often imitated– never duplicated, it is an integral part of the most authentic race car simulation available anywhere at any price. Incremental design updates over 10 years have continually improved simulation authenticity. Paul’s refreshing commitment to non-obsolescence allows any VGT owner to update and enjoy the benefits of breakthroughs like the advanced motion system and pro controls. Because of it’s modular design, any VirtualGT simulator ever made can be upgraded to the latest features and performance specifications.

Over time VirtualGT was shortened by our customers to “VGT” –both references are used interchangeably to refer to the only racing simulator that racing pros take seriously.


VGT initiated the use of high performance PC’s in 2005, a big step towards evolving the VGT from a great game to a real driving simulation. New software from Europe delivered yet another major advance in realism with car and track models so accurately detailed that up close, you would swear the 3D animation was real. The PC used discrete digital sound samples recorded directly from the real cars’ engine, drive train and cockpit sound. Almost immediately, the majority of VGT clients went from seekers of high-end home entertainment to professional race teams and drivers.

VirtualGT then added a nine channel motion system using D-BOX Technology’s actuators and Motion Code software. This proved to be a perfect match to the audio system as the motion system enabled the entire VGT cockpit to move just enough and at precisely the right moment to provide very accurate cues about the effects of gravity and motion acting on the car. The system applies motion in a carefully controlled way so the driver experiences motion without it dominating the experience. The D-BOX motion system blends perfectly with the other VGT simulation effects, deepening the overall illusion.

Today, as VirtualGT celebrates its ten year anniversary, they have introduced a Pro Cockpit option, a significant advance matching the control and feel of the simulation to actual racing.

That same year the Champ World Series (open-wheel racing) endorsed VirtualGT as the official race training simulator for the league. Many series drivers trained intensively in them prior to race day. Included among the many pro drivers that trained in the VGT that season was Scott Dixon, that year’s Indy 500 winner. Scott credited his VGT training for dramatically improving his reaction times through the fatigue of a long race.

Likewise, VGTs triple-screen display systems are precisely designed to optimize the driving experience. All display systems are fully enclosed so the video image is surrounded by a flat black field, just like in a movie theater. This further “tunnels” the driver’s vision into the (virtual) track ahead.

The Pro Cockpit integrates a new and very powerful high-mass, force-feedback mechanism behind the dash, with a quick-release steering wheel system that accepts any Momo or Sparco racing wheel. The wheel features precision paddle shifters and an array of programmable buttons and rotary controls. An LED shift light indicator is also added to the top of the dash, just below the driver’s field of vision, providing shifting cues and MPH/KPH speed and lap times on its digital display.

“Our clients demand quality so we design, produce and hand build in the USA. They also demand credibility so we warranty all parts and labor for two full years.  Most other simulator warranties are conditional and limited to 30-180 days.”

Since his first car, Paul Stary has loved high performance driving. An awareness of how many others shared his passion, and how few of them would ever take an 800 HP race car down a straightaway at 180+ mph on a world class track, prompted him to literally invent personal racing simulation as it exists today.

He takes pride in the VGT product but insists that his real accomplishment is measured by the thousands that have shared the intensity of a real racing experience in the comfort and safety of their homes and collector garages. His VirtualGT is dedicated to providing the very best “racing entertainment”. Whether used as a race training tool, strictly for motorsports entertainment or some combination, VirtualGT delivers the very best of both.